Test-fitting Office Space with Irregular Layout

August 25, 2015

During the process of viewing and selecting leasing options, there are bound to be instances where clients think favorably of the location of the office building but were shown units of office space with irregular layout. The dilemma was often compounded by the fact the unit has superb, unblocked panoramic views of important skyscrapers or key installations in the city (e.g. Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, or the Central Business District skylines).

As office space leasing agents, part of our value-add to our clients is help them ‘visualize’ how an irregular-shaped office unit will be able to meet  their requirements by test-fitting office spaces. In this example, the partner of an international law firm has requested the following specifications on a unit. The requirement was for a 3,000 sqft office with the following fit-outs:

  • 7 Office Suites for partners/junior partners
  • 6 workstations with space to expand for more if required
  • 1 Meeting Room for 3-4 pax
  • 1 Conference Room with seating up to 12 pax
  • 1 Wet Pantry
  • 1 Server Room

The space to do the test-fit is shown below:

Test-fitting Office Space with Irregular Layout

Despite its challenges, our space-planning architect undertook the task with an eye for details and came up with the following test-fits* in a 48-hr window. As clients may appreciate that good leasing opportunities are often snapped up in a relatively short span of time.

Four office suites were lined up against the side with natural light with the meeting room (for 4 pax) and the conference room lined up against the other glass wall with great views towards the city. The workstations and the rest of the office suites including the pantry and server room were nicely fitted to minimize any wastage of useable space. The workstations could be re-organized for more workstations to be accommodated if required.

Nothing is ever too complicated with the help of professional office space leasing agents. Armed with the right team and tools, we are well-equipped to assist our clients to solve challenges with meaningful solutions.

*No part of these images may be reproduced in any form without permission from us

HOMETest-fitting Office Space with Irregular Layout